Aim2Ghana – And So It Begins

What a whirlwind the past few weeks have been! I arrived in Ghana the second week of August and it's been nearly go-go-go since I landed. Here is a quick view of my first days in the city. Two days after arriving our group traveled with a team from Texas to the site of Ghana's … Continue reading Aim2Ghana – And So It Begins


If It’s God’s Will, It’s God’s Bill

Last summer, after being home from Guam for a short time, I began to seek God's will for the "next step" on my missions journey. A particular place had peaked my interest, and I began praying about that mission field. I asked the Lord to give someone a word for me, as a confirmation of … Continue reading If It’s God’s Will, It’s God’s Bill

Tuck Me In, God!

There's nothing quite like settling into bed between a fresh set of sheets, snuggling up under a fluffy comforter, and drifting off to sleep. Nothing seems to bother me when I'm under those covers. It's comfortable, relaxing, and safe. When Jesus was on earth, He created that same feeling for His disciples. They traveled with … Continue reading Tuck Me In, God!